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More than just a health club, Commit Fitness is a way of life right here in Woodstock, IL. We can help you get strong and stay that way. Our club is completely equipped with bikes, eliptical trainers and free weights for strength training. And for some fun along the way, try our indoor and outdoor swimming pools, full-court indoor and outdoor basketball, tennis court. Then plop down on our lounges for relaxing and socializing.

$49.95 down & only $24.95 Monthly!
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And now it's up to you. Get off the couch and get in here. We'll even give you a free one-day pass! Just stop by the Prairie View Leasing Office or Commit Fitness.

Commit Fitness Prairie View
411 Leah Lane
Woodstock, IL 60098
Phone: 815-334-0080
Fax: 815-334-0194

*Specials are subject to change without notice.